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We spent the weekend out on Great Cranberry Island, celebrating Susan and Anthony in what was truly a picturesque and quintessential Maine wedding. We always get excited about an outer island wedding, and this one didn’t disappoint.

Great Cranberry is around two miles long and one mile wide and is the largest of the five Cranberry Islands just off the southern coast of Mount Desert Island. Did you know that Maine has nearly 3,500 miles of coastline? This is more than California, if you can believe it. And, if you include all of the islands (more than 3,100), then it’s actually over 5,000 miles of coast. That’s A LOT of gorgeousness right there.

Great Cranberry encompasses about 1,000 acres and yes, it’s named for the wild cranberry that grows there. Originally settled in the late 1700s, there are now roughly 40 people who live there year-round, and in the summer, that number swells to around 250.

Susan’s family has ties to the island and when she and Anthony got engaged, the idea of an island wedding was too lovely and too perfect to pass up. They hired Brett Cameron and Deanna Marano with La Maison Fête, a full scale event planning company, who created magical and flawless settings in unexpected locations. We were honored to join the crew!

We snapped these photos over the course of the weekend and we look forward to sharing the professional photos once they’re ready. More soon!